Work Winning

Axial teams up with Balfour Beatty

Case Study 1 – Work Winning

Balfour Beatty – TFL Portfolio & Track Partnership – £250m

March 2018 – Present

Contracting Model – Professional Services Subcontract

Axial has recently been engaged to support Balfour Beatty with Bid Leadership and Programme Management services as they navigate through an intense two year period of Work Winning activity.

Initial requirements focus on the Track Partnership re-bid – a 5 year contract to support Transport for London in delivering Ballasted Track and Deep Tube Renewals (Plain Line / P & C) and Ballasted to Slab conversion works. In addition to the Track Partnership bid we are also supporting BB in their wider portfolio of works , including the CP6 Track Renewals Tender

Roles Supplied

Bid Director

Planning and Programme Support

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