Case Study: Merseyrail

Merseyrail Platform Extensions

Case Study: Project Delivery – Design & Build

Client: AmcoGiffen

Project Value – £20m 

Programme: September 2018 – January 2020

Contracting Model – PSA

Axial supported AmcoGiffen with project planning, risk management support and staff for this extensive programme of platform extensions across the Merseyrail network. This programme of works will prepare the Merseyrail network for the arrival of new groundbreaking trains. It will facilitate a 50% increase in passengers and make Merseyrail the most accessible rail network in the UK. We managed the overarching programme for AmcoGiffen and a series of discrete blockade programmes in addition to schedule risk analysis and scenario planning.

What our client said

“Axial Projects provided an excellent service to AmcoGiffen on our MerseyTravel Passenger Train Interface project. The programme management services that Axial Projects provided were vital to the success of the scheme for all stakeholders involved. The project certainly had a challenging  programme to manage including the incorporating of track alignment and / or platform re-gauging of circa 96 platforms throughout Merseyside within numerous blockades. Axial Projects robust sequencing, monitoring and management of the circa 40 weeks programme played a significant part in the successful delivery of this project.

In addition to the above Axial Projects have provided input into multiple projects and tenders with similar professionalism and effect for AmcoGiffen. One of the biggest complements we can pay the organisation is that their Senior Management Team are always on hand to assist with any additional input required.”

Damon Thackeray – Commercial Manager – AmcoGiffen

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